Our broad objective is to develop and disseminate interoperable image informatics platform for quantitative imaging biomarker discovery. This platform will enable archival, organization, retrieval, dissemination of the data produced by the novel analysis tools and performance evaluation of quantitative imaging based biomarkers of cancer and treatment response.

QIICR functionality will be defined by the needs of the active research projects within the NCI Quantitative Imaging Network (QIN) in 3 driving biological projects (DBPs) studying quantitative imaging biomarker development for treatment response assessment in the following diseases:

  • prostate adenocarcinoma (Brigham and Women’s Hospital)
  • head and neck cancer (Iowa University)
  • glioblastoma multiforme (Massachusetts General Hospital)

We are a team of clinical researchers, computer scientists, software engineers and informaticians with the common vision of advancing cancer imaging research via multi-disciplinary collaboration, with the help of open source software.