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dicom-dump: plugin for examining DICOM
Atom editor extension for examining content of DICOM files Read More ›

PETLiverUptakeMeasurement: Automated measurement of liver uptake in PET
3D Slicer extension for automated measurement of liver uptake in PET scans Read More ›

RSNA 2017 Crowds Cure Cancer collaboration experiment
A multi-site project to annotate cancer research images. Read More ›

DSC_MRI_Analysis: DSC MRI Modeling
3D Slicer extension for dynamic susceptibility MRI modeling Read More ›

mpReview: Annotation of prostate MRI
3D Slicer extension for interactive annotation of prostate multiparametric MRI Read More ›

dcmqi: Converters between research formats and DICOM
Converters and library to support the use of DICOM for storing medical imaging analysis results Read More ›

dcmjs: Pure JavaScript DICOM for the Browser
Prerelease of JavaScript code to work with DICOM data structures in a web browser Read More ›

QuantitativeReporting: Interactive standardized annotation of DICOM data
3D Slicer extension for annotation of DICOM images with the support of standardized representation of the annotation results Read More ›

PETTumorSegmentation: Semi-automatic segmentation of tumors in PET
3D Slicer extension for "just enough interaction" segmentation Read More ›

PET-IndiC: PET quantification
3D Slicer extension for quantifying uptake in PET Read More ›

PETDICOM: PET normalization
3D Slicer extension for Standard Uptake Value calculation Read More ›

DCMTK is a collection of libraries and applications implementing large parts the DICOM standard. Read More ›

TCIABrowser: 3D Slicer interface to TCIA
3D Slicer extension for exploring and downloading public datasets from The Cancer Imaging Archive Read More ›

SlicerPathology: pathology image segmentation tools
Automatic and semi-automatic pathology segmentation tools for use as an extension within 3D Slicer. Read More ›

SlicerOpenCV: integration of OpenCV into 3D Slicer
3D Slicer extension that packages OpenCV computer vision library. Read More ›

SegmentationWizard: streamlined segmentation interface
3D Slicer extension for quickly creating smooth, 3D regions of interest with only a few clicks. Read More ›

PkModeling: DCE MRI modeling
3D Slicer extension for Tofts modeling of DCE MRI Read More ›

DWModeling: DWI MRI modeling
3D Slicer extension for diffusion MRI modeling Read More ›

Meet us at AMIA Joint Summits and MICCAI 2017!
Increasing presence of QIICR at professional conferences Read More ›

dicom-dump package for Atom
Explore DICOM content from a modern editor! Read More ›

We are at RSNA 2016!
Stop by our booth to learn about our progress Read More ›

MIWS Hackfest at BWH
Webapp Hackfest in Boston May 23-27, 2016. Read More ›

QIICR tools for PET quantification
Step-by-step demonstration of the analysis workflow in 3D Slicer Read More ›

Medical Imaging Webapp Software
Kickoff meeting hosted at Stanford Medical School March 28, 2016. Read More ›

Slicer speaks DICOM to Brainlab
Seeing is believing Read More ›

CI4CC Spring 2016 Workshop
The Role of Academic Technology Development in Cancer Research Read More ›

Hello, QIICR Blog!
January 18, 2016: MLK day. Finally, snow in Boston. Updated Read More ›