DWModeling: DWI MRI modeling

3D Slicer extension for diffusion MRI modeling


DWModeling is module within the SlicerProstate extension of 3D Slicer that implements fitting of various models to Diffusion Weighted MRI data. The module produces various (model-specific) voxel-wise parameter maps, and the accompanying diagnostic outputs to evaluate quality of the model fit. The module implements the following models:

  • mono-exponential
  • bi-exponential
  • kurtosis
  • gamma distribution
  • stretched exponential

This extension can be used together with the MultiVolume Explorer module of 3D Slicer. MultiVolume Explorer module allows to interactively visualize the signal curve at the individual pixels, and also examine the quality of model fit relative to the original data.


Installation: DWModeling can be accessed by installing the SlicerProstate extension to 3D Slicer via 3D Slicer Extension manager.

Documentation: link

Source code: link


  • Langkilde F, Kobus T, Fedorov A, et al. Evaluation of fitting models for prostate tissue characterization using extended-range b-factor diffusion-weighted imaging. Magn Reson Med. 2017; link. - Evaluation of various models, as implemented in DWModeling, applied to characterization of prostate cancer from DW MRI
  • Newitt DC, Malyarenko D, Chenevert TL, et al. Multisite concordance of apparent diffusion coefficient measurements across the NCI Quantitative Imaging Network. J Med Imaging (Bellingham). International Society for Optics and Photonics; 2018;5(1):011003 link. - Quantitative Imaging Network (QIN) evaluation of DW MRI modeling tools that included DWModeling

Grants support

  • U24 CA180918
  • U01 CA151261
  • R01 CA160902

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