SegmentationWizard: streamlined segmentation interface

3D Slicer extension for quickly creating smooth, 3D regions of interest with only a few clicks.


The SegmentationWizard module allows users to quickly create smooth, 3D regions of interest with only a few clicks, and then provides a variety of tools to threshold and refine those regions of interest. The module is broken up into several steps, which the user can progress through with “Back” and “Next” buttons on the bottom of the module panel. The module can be used on single volumes, or on pre- and post-contrast pairs. In the latter case, utilities for registering, normalizing, and subtracting volumes are provided.


Installation: SegmentationWizard can be accessed by installing the SegmentationWizard extension to 3D Slicer via 3D Slicer Extension manager.

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  • U24 CA180918

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