dcmjs: Pure JavaScript DICOM for the Browser

Prerelease of JavaScript code to work with DICOM data structures in a web browser


dcmjs is a work in progress to support browser-based quantitative imaging workflows that are interoperable with other DICOM compliant tools by reading and writing binary (DICOM Part 10) objects.

A goal of dcmjs is to make the use of DICOM object instances as convenient as possible for JavaScript developers by mapping DICOM instances to JavaScript objects and the use of human readable dictiorary-based terms as member variables.

This example demonstrates download and display of a QIICR study head and neck PET and DICOM Segmentation Object downloaded on the fly from TCIA. It first downloads and parses the study then scrolls through the PET data showing the segmentation overlay.



Installation: dcmjs is available on github.

Use in an html page with:

<script src="https://rawgit.com/pieper/dcmjs/master/build/dcmjs.js"></script>

a DCMJS object is exposed for use in browser scripts.

or install with npm:

npm install dcmjs

Documentation: Documentation is very sparse at the moment, but there are worked out examples for manipulating studies, displaying/creating segmentations and structured reports. Please contact Steve Pieper if you are interested in this prject.

Source code: link


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