QuantitativeReporting: Interactive standardized annotation of DICOM data

3D Slicer extension for annotation of DICOM images with the support of standardized representation of the annotation results


QuantitativeReporting is an extension of 3D Slicer to support segmentation-based measurements with DICOM-based import and export of the results. The extension comes with a variety of plugins for loading DICOM Segmentations, Parametric Maps and Structured reports that follow DICOM SR TID1500 into 3D Slicer. This extension relies on dcmqi to support the DICOM conversion tasks.


Installation: QuantitativeReporting can be installed as an extension to 3D Slicer via 3D Slicer Extension manager. Once installed, the DICOM plugins will be invoked automatically when you load DICOM series of types that are supported by the plugins (Segmentation image, Parametric map, or DICOM Structured Report that follows TID1500 template) from 3D Slicer DICOM Browser.

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  • Herz C, Fillion-Robin J-C, Onken M, et al. dcmqi: An Open Source Library for Standardized Communication of Quantitative Image Analysis Results Using DICOM. Cancer Res. American Association for Cancer Research; 2017;77(21):e87–e90 link - This publication introduces dcmqi and discusses its relationship to DCMTK and 3D Slicer/QuantitativeReporting.

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  • U24 CA180918