Tools Catalog

Software tools developed with the contribution from QIICR.

Software development strategy and other notes

Our strategy is to identify and fill gaps in informatics technology as necessary to help with the adoption of quantitative imaging tools and DICOM standard in medical imaging research. We are not aiming to develop a single product or platform. Instead, as the first option, if and when it is appropriate and feasible, we aim to contribute new or missing functionality to the tools and toolkits. As a result QIICR tools span a range of projects, starting from existing, broadly adopted platforms, such as _DCMTK_ and _3D Slicer_, to new libraries, such as _dcmqi_.

As a result of our development strategy, many of the tools developed in our projects are the result of collaborative work involving a number of geographically distributed partners. Groups that have been collaborating with QIICR, which were not part of the immediate project team, to develop some of the tools listed below include OFFIS Institute for Information Technology (Germany), Kitware Inc., Queen's University Perk Lab (Canada), Stony Brook University Department of Biomedical Informatics, among others.

Source code for all of the software tools developed by QIICR is available under non-restrictive license that permits reuse including in closed source products! See license for individual source code repositories for per-project details.

The list below summarizes the main tools developed by our project, that are accompanied by documentation, have been evaluated and are intended for general consumption. To see all of the items developed under the auspices of QIICR, check out the QIICR GitHub organization.

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dicom-dump: plugin for examining DICOM
Atom editor extension for examining content of DICOM files Read More ›

PETLiverUptakeMeasurement: Automated measurement of liver uptake in PET
3D Slicer extension for automated measurement of liver uptake in PET scans Read More ›

DSC_MRI_Analysis: DSC MRI Modeling
3D Slicer extension for dynamic susceptibility MRI modeling Read More ›

mpReview: Annotation of prostate MRI
3D Slicer extension for interactive annotation of prostate multiparametric MRI Read More ›

dcmqi: Converters between research formats and DICOM
Converters and library to support the use of DICOM for storing medical imaging analysis results Read More ›

dcmjs: Pure JavaScript DICOM for the Browser
Prerelease of JavaScript code to work with DICOM data structures in a web browser Read More ›

QuantitativeReporting: Interactive standardized annotation of DICOM data
3D Slicer extension for annotation of DICOM images with the support of standardized representation of the annotation results Read More ›

PETTumorSegmentation: Semi-automatic segmentation of tumors in PET
3D Slicer extension for "just enough interaction" segmentation Read More ›

PET-IndiC: PET quantification
3D Slicer extension for quantifying uptake in PET Read More ›

PETDICOM: PET normalization
3D Slicer extension for Standard Uptake Value calculation Read More ›

DCMTK is a collection of libraries and applications implementing large parts the DICOM standard. Read More ›

TCIABrowser: 3D Slicer interface to TCIA
3D Slicer extension for exploring and downloading public datasets from The Cancer Imaging Archive Read More ›

SlicerPathology: pathology image segmentation tools
Automatic and semi-automatic pathology segmentation tools for use as an extension within 3D Slicer. Read More ›

SlicerOpenCV: integration of OpenCV into 3D Slicer
3D Slicer extension that packages OpenCV computer vision library. Read More ›

SegmentationWizard: streamlined segmentation interface
3D Slicer extension for quickly creating smooth, 3D regions of interest with only a few clicks. Read More ›

PkModeling: DCE MRI modeling
3D Slicer extension for Tofts modeling of DCE MRI Read More ›

DWModeling: DWI MRI modeling
3D Slicer extension for diffusion MRI modeling Read More ›